Lời giải ĐỀ THI IELTS 26/03/2022

Lời giải Task 1:



The plans illustrate the layout of a museum and the surrounding area in 1990 and 2010.


Overall, there were more exhibition rooms in 1990, and by 2010 a cafe had replaced a cottage next to the main road.


The garden shown at the top of the diagrams remained unchanged.  At the foot of the plans, the main road was also unchanged, and on both plans a path in the centre connected the gardens and the main road.


An area to the right of this path was divided between a garden and a car parking space in 1990.  However,  in 2010 the car park was extended to occupy all this area.  By contrast, there were several changes to the area left of the path.  A cafe in 2010 replaced a cottage and, just below the entrance, the shop was enlarged, taking the place of one of the two exhibition rooms in 1990.  The store room near the entrance was unchanged, but the two exhibition rooms near the entrance in 1990 were combined into one large exhibition space in 2010.


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Lời giải Task 2:



In some parts of the world, people must sometimes leave their countries, families and friends in order to seek work.  While they obviously have a good reason to make such a hard decision, I believe that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.


On the one hand, the great advantage is to be able to earn a living in another country.  If they are unable to find work in their own country, many men join the global migration of labour.  Leaving their families, they become economic migrants, sending money home if they are able to find work.  In France, for example, many migrant workers from North Africa work in the construction or service industries, in order to support a family in their native country.  If they had not moved to another country and found work, their family would have remained poverty-stricken and without hope for the future.


On the other hand, there are too many disadvantages if this situation is allowed to continue.  Firstly, local populations are sometimes prejudiced against migrants and their families, and so they find it difficult to integrate into societySecondly, they may have to accept work in the host country that is low-paid and labour-intensive, and a working environment that is dangerous and unhealthy.  Finally, this movement of labour has consequences for developing countries.  It results in the disappearance of traditional ways of life, the destruction of ties of kinship and close-knit families, while economic activity is left in the hands of an aging population.  The loss of the youngest and most active members of the community is incompatible with a sustainable future for that county.


In conclusion, although workers and their families may be forced to move abroad in order to improve their lives, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.


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Từ vựng

Vocabulary from business and money:


  • to earn a living

Meaning: to earn money

Example:  I used to earn a living as a teacher, but now I sell used cars.




Vocabulary from society:


  • the migration of labour

Meaning:  the movement of workers from one place to another

           Example:  The migration of labour from the countryside to the cities is a feature of     modern society.


  • economic migrants

           Meaning: people who move from their own countries to a new country in order to      find work or to have a better standard of living

           Example: As a result of global inequalities of wealth, many economic migrants have   fled to developed countries.


  • to be poverty-stricken

Meaning: to be extremely poor, having almost no money

           Example: Many non-government organisations work with people who are poverty-        stricken in developing countries.


  • to be prejudiced (against/in favour of somebody/something)

           Meaning: having an unreasonable dislike of or preference for somebody/something,       especially based on their race, religion, sex, age etc.

           Example: Some companies are prejudiced against older applicants during the          interview process.


  • to integrate into society

           Meaning: to become accepted as a member of a social group, especially when a     person comes from a different culture

           Example: Children from minority groups often find it easy to integrate into society        because they attend schools which are multicultural.




Vocabulary from family and children:


  • to support a family

Meaning: to have enough money to be able to look after a family

Example: Young people often delay marriage because they do not earn enough money to support a family.

  • ties of kinship

Meaning: the fact of being related in a family, with links of friendship and           assistance to other family members

Example: In the modern world, people are always moving to a new place to live, and this has weakened traditional ties of kinship.


  • a close-knit family

Meaning: a family having strong relationships with each other, helping with problems and enjoying a lot of time together

Example: Children who come from a close-knit family generally perform well at school and enjoy a happy childhood.




Vocabulary from work:


  • labour-intensive

           Meaning: (of work) needing a lot of people to do it

           Example: New technology has replaced the need for workers to do many labour-       intensive jobs, such as producing cars.


  • working environment

Meaning: the conditions that you work in

           Example: If work is to be enjoyable, then a friendly working environment is essential.



Vocabulary from traditional versus modern:


  • the disappearance of traditional ways of life

Meaning: the fact that traditional ways no longer exist

           Example: The advances in technology that have driven industrialisation in developed            countries have certainly contributed to the disappearance of traditional ways of    life.


  • in the hands of an aging population

Meaning: dependent on the elderly

           Example: Some traditional crafts which are now in the hands of an ageing     population are at risk of disappearing completely in the next five years.


  • to be incompatible with

Meaning: not able to exist or work with another person or thing because of basic differences

           Example: The way of life of indigenous peoples is incompatible with modern     cultures.

Other vocabulary:


  • to seek [verb]:

Meaning:  to look for something or somebody

Example:  The government is seeking volunteers to try the new vaccine.


  • a service industry [noun]:

           Meaning: a business that provides services for customers

           Example:  Most of the jobs in my area are service industries, including banks, hotels         and restaurants.