Hướng dẫn làm bài ĐỀ THI IELTS 20/10/2018

Hướng dẫn Task 1:

Report Plan:

  • Paraphrase paragraph: give information>compares; different types of workers>workers in 4 professions; salary>wages
  • Overview/summary paragraph: (1) the wages of underground train drivers were the highest (2) police officers worked the longest hours
  • Paragraph 3: (1) underground train drivers earned almost the same salary after 3 years – give figures (2)  contrast - the salaries of those in the other occcupations rose after 3 years – give figures
  • Paragraph 4:  compare the working hours of the 4 occupations.  Note that the working week of firefighters was variable.

Hướng dẫn Task 2:

Essay Plan:

  • Introduction:  Changes have taken place in family roles and structures.   It is a positive development.
  • Paragraph 1: [1] family roles:  women working, husbands help more at home [2] family structures:  people getting a career first and marrying later – example: the UK [Vietnam?]
  • Paragraph 2:  positive:  [1] children learn to become more independent at an earlier age [2] smaller families = parents can afford to invest more in their children’s education and health.
  • Conclusion:  Changes have been dramatic, but they have been positive on the whole.