Lời giải ĐỀ THI IELTS NGÀY 12/01/2022

Lời giải Task 1:



The diagram illustrates how a home smokery is operated and structured.


Overall, the smokery comprises three parts, connected by pipes, beginning with a chamber through which air enters and ending with a box in which the food is smoked.


First, air enters an underground chamber.  The entry of air is controlled by opening and closing the lid of this chamber.  At the base, there is a pipe which takes air from the chamber into a second underground chamber, with a lid situated at ground level.  This contains logs, which are heated, producing smoke.  The pipe at the base of this chamber, allows heat and smoke to pass to the final stage.


The process of smoking the food takes place in the third and final box or chamber, about two-thirds of which is above ground level.  The box is an enclosed structure.  Heat and smoke enters through the pipe at the base, passing through bricks which are placed on top of this inlet pipe.  The heat and smoke then rise to the top of the box, where the meat or fish to be smoked is suspended and smoked.


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Lời giải Task 2:


It is true that many people prefer to pursue academic studies at university rather than to follow a vocational training course.  While nobody can deny the need for university graduates, I totally agree that we should encourage more people to qualify as electricians, plumbers or other essential manual workers.


There are two important reasons why more workers must be trained in skilled professions such as plumbing or electrical work.  Firstly, such workers are vital when new buildings are constructed or when existing buildings have to be renovated or simply maintained.  Indeed, in many countries, a permanent maintenance staff of skilled tradesmen is employed in hospitals, schools or museums, ensuring the safety of all who use the buildings.  Secondly,  in some developed countries, there is an existing imbalance in the economy, resulting in graduate unemployment, while at the same time there is a shortage of skilled labour.  Governments in those countries need, therefore, to work with employers to ensure that extra vocational training is provided.


More people must be encouraged to attend vocational training courses.  [1] The onus is on schools to incorporate relevant subjects into the curriculum, so that not all the emphasis is placed on preparation for academic study at university.  Many boys and girls are not academically inclined, but this does not mean that schools should consider them as failures.  For example, workshops in schools could provide an opportunity to learn ‘hands-on skills’, adapting the theory of the physics lessons to practical applications.  [2] Parents should also help their children to choose vocational careers, explaining the good employment prospects and remuneration for manual workers with qualifications and skills


In conclusion, I agree that it is vital that we encourage more people to do vocational training because without such skilled workers, society cannot function effectively.


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