Lời giải ĐỀ THI IELTS NGÀY 25/08/2022

Lời giải Task 1:


The diagrams illustrate how a solar panel is structured and how it is used.

Overall,  the diagrams show the basic parts of a solar panel, through to the lower diagrams which illustrate how this panel functions to produce warm air or water.

Firstly,  the top diagram illustrates the structural component parts of a simple solar panel.  These parts are a sheet of transparent glass, which fits over the panel, an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe on the opposite side.

The second diagram, on the left, shows how the sun’s rays pass through the transparent glass, warming the air which enters the panel through the inlet pipe.  The heated air then passes out of the panel through the outlet pipe.  The final diagram shows how this same system functions to produce warm water.  Water enters the solar panel through an inlet pipe, which then forms an ‘S’- shaped pipe in the panel itself.  The water in this pipe is heated by the sun’s rays and exits the panel through the outlet.

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Lời giải Task 2:



It is true that in contemporary society,  the crime rate among youngsters and adolescents is increasing.  Some factors should be taken into account to explain why this is happening, and appropriate forms of punishment should be adopted that will tackle  these factors.

The growth of a global drug culture and consumer pressures might both help to explain this rising crime rate among these younger age groups.  Firstly,  drug dealers are targeting schools and night clubs.  Young people who take drugs develop a pattern of behaviour  in their formative years which often involves stealing in order to buy drugs.   Secondly, through commercial advertising companies irresponsibly seek to promote their products to a target audience  which includes children and teenagers.  For example,  an expensive new i-Phone will be marketed as a must-have item for youngsters, who may turn to crime or drug trafficking in order to have what they desire.

In terms of punishment, these causes of rising youth crime should be tackled through probation and also detention centres.  One measure would be to put young offenders on probation.  Probation officers would work with young people and their parents to help these youngsters to make a fresh start.  Parental involvement is essential if, for instance, their teenage children are taking drugs or stealing from shops.  Another measure might be to arrange for ex-offenders to give talks in special youth detention centres, to deter young people from taking the same path which will end in imprisonment and possibly a life of crime.  These centres should combine confinement with study, apprenticeship  schemes and sporting facilities to give such youngsters a second chance.

In conclusion, although some reasons for the growth in youth crime can be identified, some steps can be taken to deal with the causes.

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Từ vựng

Vocabulary from family and children:

  • patterns of behaviour

Meaning: ways of acting and doing things (either positive or negative)

Example: Patterns of behaviour copied from parents often influence the way that children grow up.

  • formative years

Meaning: A period of a person’s life, usually childhood, that has a big influence on the person they become later in life

Example: UNICEF states that the early childhood years from birth through age 8 are formative years in terms of intelligence, personality and social behaviour.

  • parental involvement

Meaning: the act or process of parents when taking part in their children’s activities.

Example: Parental involvement allows parents to monitor school and classroom activities, and to coordinate their efforts with teachers to encourage acceptable classroom behaviour and ensure that the child completes schoolwork.


Vocabulary from media and advertising:

  • commercial advertising

Meaning: advertising on the radio or television, between or during programmes.

Example: Commercial advertising on television provides the revenue for most TV channels.

  • to promote their products

Meaning: to make products popular by advertising them

Example: Most large enterprises contract specialist marketing companies to promote their products.

  • target audience

Meaning: consumers whom businesses aim at when selling their products

Example: Companies which sell soft drinks, like Coca Cola, aim mainly at a

target audience of children and adolescents.


Vocabulary from crime:

  • to turn to crime/  drugs

            Meaning: To start committing crimes or using drugs.

            Example: During periods of high youth unemployment, some youngsters turn to    crime to obtain money.

  • drug trafficking

            Meaning: importing and selling illegal drugs

            Example: Some people argue that legalising drugs would put an end to the evil of   drug trafficking and the violence associated with it. 

  • to put on probation

            Meaning: to make a convicted person see an official at regular intervals to check    on their good behavior, as an alternative to going to prison

            Example: The young offender was put on probation, as his crime was not serious             enough to send him to prison.

  • to make a fresh start

  Meaning: to try something new after making mistakes in one’s life

            Example: I believe that people should have the opportunity to make a fresh start after they are released from prison.

Other vocabulary:

  • appropriate [adjective}:

Meaning: suitable for a particular situation

Example:  The man wore appropriate clothes for the business meeting – a dark suit, white shirt and a tie.

  • to tackle [verb]:

Meaning:  to make a big effort to deal with a problem or situation

Example:  The hospital is trying to tackle the shortage of doctors by recruiting doctors from overseas.

  • apprenticeship [noun]:

Meaning: a period of time in which a young person trains to learn the skills to do a specific job

Example:  John is in the third year of his apprenticeship as an electrician.