Hướng dẫn làm bài ĐỀ THI IELTS 18/07/2019

Hướng dẫn Task 1:

Report Plan:

  • Paraphrase paragraph: shows>compares; percentage>proportion; 4 countries>Japan, the USA, China and India
  • Overview/summary paragraph (1) before 2005, highest % of exports to Japan (2) after 2005, the figures for China overtook those for Japan
  • Paragraph 3: report and compare figures for 1990 and 1995
  • Paragraph 4: report and compare figures and trends for 2000-2012.

Hướng dẫn Task 2:

Essay Plan:

  • Introduction: refer to the task question.  My opinion: fully agree.
  • Paragraph 2: reading stimulates imagination more than watching TV. Reading a book uses one’s own imagination – contrast TV with its ready-made images.  Example: Robinson Crusoe.
  • Paragraph 3:  reading develops language skills – extends vocabulary.  People learn new words and different ways to use familiar words.  Contrast TV – images pass on the screen and are instantly forgotten.
  • Conclusion: fully agree that reading for pleasure develops imagination and language skills more than watching TV.