Hướng dẫn làm bài ĐỀ THI IELTS 17/08/2019

Hướng dẫn Task 1:

Report Plan:

  • Paraphrase paragraph: shows>compares;  water levels>water levels in reservoirs
  • Overview/summary paragraph: (1) water levels in most cities were higher in 2010 (2) in Canberra, reservoirs were almost full in October 2010
  • Paragraph 3: report and compare the figures for the 4 cities in which the water level increased
  • Paragraph 4:  report and contrast the figures for the 2 cities in which the water level did not increase

Hướng dẫn Task 2:

Essay Plan:

  • Introduction: refer to the task question.  My opinion: it is useful to research family history
  • Paragraph 2:  the importance of focusing on (1) the present generation – setting a good moral example (2) future generations – care for the environment – fighting climate change, global warming
  • Paragraph 3:  the importance of family history – through personal stories,  people connect the past with their present lives
  • Conclusion: it is important both to focus on the present and future, but also to study family history