Hướng dẫn làm bài ĐỀ THI IELTS 12/12/2019

Hướng dẫn Task 1:

Report Plan:

  • Paraphrase paragraph: show>illustrate; the water supply system at the present> the present system of supplying water
  • Overview/summary paragraph: (1)  in future, no water will be discharged into rivers (2)  waste and storm water will be recycled
  • Paragraph 3: report the present water supply system
  • Paragraph 4: report the changes which will take place in the water treatment plant.

Hướng dẫn Task 2:

Essay Plan:

  • Introduction: refer to the task question.  My own opinion: despite positive aspects, it is a negative trend
  • Paragraph 2: positive aspect – the worldwide transmission of knowledge with the growth of a few major languages.  It facilitates business, work, study or get a visa (e.g. Australia)
  • Paragraph 3:  negative aspect – the loss of a language = the loss of a culture.  It marks the loss of traditional ways of life, story-telling, the bond between generations
  • Conclusion:  the loss of traditional cultures indicates that this development is largely negative