Lời giải ĐỀ THI IELTS 01/08/2019

Lời giải Task 1:

The tables show the temperatures and the times of sunrise and sunset in Mumbai and Moscow during three days in May 2007.

Overall, it is clear that the temperatures were much higher in Mumbai than in Moscow.  However, the hours of daylight were significantly longer in Moscow compared to Mumbai.

In Mumbai, the temperatures at sunrise were almost constant, at 33 to 34 degrees. At sunset, they were slightly lower at 29 degrees on each day. By contrast, the temperatures in Moscow were very low, at sunrise reaching just 8 degrees on Friday before rising slightly to 10 degrees and 13 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Sunset temperatures in Moscow fluctuated, falling from 5 degrees on Friday to 2 degrees on Saturday. There was then an increase to 9 degrees on Sunday evening. The sun rose in Mumbai at 6:00 am, later than in Moscow where it rose just after 4:00 am.  The time of sunset in Moscow was 22:00, whereas in Mumbai it was shortly after 19:00.

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Lời giải Task 2:

It is true that in many countries, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the majority of people to make ends meetWhile the effects on individuals and society as a whole are serious, I believe that steps can be taken to address this issue.

Rising living costs result in hardship for many individuals and serious consequences for society.  In terms of individuals, they are faced with higher prices for everyday necessities, such as food, paying rent or heating bills.  They are forced to make cutbacks in their household budgets in order to make the most of the income that they have. From the perspective of society, when goods and services are more expensive, major socio-economic changes occur.  People spend less in stores and on entertainment, or they have to pay in arrears or run up debts, and the whole economy of the country goes into decline.

However, effective policies must be adopted to tackle the rise in living costs.  Firstly, governments should provide public subsidies for basic needs, such as food, heating and healthcare. For example, in the USA citizens on average incomes cannot afford rising medical bills, and so universal free medical care should high on the agenda of the government. Secondly, if governments curbed public spending on military weapons, they would be able to prioritize expenditure on programmes to reduce taxes for people on low incomes.  This would help people to afford the higher prices in the shops and enable them to buy the things they need.

In conclusion, in order to tackle the increase in the cost of living, governments must adopt measures to help those in society who are in most need.

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Vocabulary from business and money:

  • to make cutbacks
    Meaning: to decrease, to reduce
    Example: The company made cutbacks at their stores in New York and many employees were dismissed.
  • to make the most of something
    Meaning: to make something appear as good as possible; to exploit something; to get as much out of something as is possible.
    Example: They designed the advertisements to make the most of the product's features.
  • to pay in arrears
    Meaning: refers to making a payment to a supplier later than the terms of the arrangement under which goods or services were purchased from the supplier.
    Example: The company pays one month in arrears to all its suppliers and employees.

Vocabulary from society:

  • socio-economic changes
    Meaning: changes relating to the society and economy of a country
    Example:  Mass migration to cities is a result of socio-economic changes   that include the industrialisation of agriculture.

Vocabulary from government:

  • to adopt policies
    Meaning: to start to use particular policies
    Example: In order to deal with traffic congestion, the government must         adopt policies to restrict the use of private cars.
  • to provide public subsidies for
    Meaning: to give government money to reduce the costs of services or to produce goods in order to keep the price low
    Example: In order to promote agriculture that is environmentally-friendly, the government should provide public subsidies for organic farmers.
  • high on the agenda
    Meaning: something which is among the first things in the list of actions to be taken
    Example: The rehabilitation of prisoners must be high on the agenda of prison authorities everywhere.
  • to curb public spending on
    Meaning: to restrict what the government spends on something
    Example: I would argue that it is preferable to curb public spending on    building new roads rather than to impose spending cuts on education.
  • to prioritize expenditure on
    Meaning: to put the need to spend money on certain things first
    Example: I believe that it is important to prioritize expenditure on medical research in order to save lives.

Other vocabulary:

  • hardship [noun]:
    Meaning:  a situation that is difficult and unpleasant because you do  not have enough money, food, clothes etc
    Example:  People suffered many hardships during the long, cold winter.
  • to make ends meet [expression]:
    Meaning:  to earn just enough money to be able to buy the things you need
    Example:  Many families on low incomes struggle to make ends meet.
  • to address [verb]:
    Meaning:  to think about a problem or situation and decide how you are going to deal with it
    Example:  The quality of the air in big cities is a big problem, and governments must address this issue immediately.
  • to run up [phrasal verb]:
    Meaning:  to allow a bill or a debt to reach a large total
    Example:  As a result of his gambling, he ran up a large debt at the casino.