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Lời giải Task 1:


The flowchart illustrates the steps in the process of chocolate production.


Overall, there are ten stages in how chocolate is produced, beginning with the collection of pods from cacao trees and ending with the production of liquid chocolate.


First, cacao trees, which are grown in South America, Africa and Indonesia, bear ripe red pods, and these are then harvested and the white cocoa beans inside them are collected. Next, the beans are fermented before being spread to dry in the sun.


At the fifth stage, the dried beans are put into sacks, ready for the next step which is transportation by train, lorry or ship. The sacks are taken to the factory, where the beans are roasted at a very high temperature of 350 degrees. After roasting, the beans are then crushed and the outer shells are removed, Finally, the inner part of the beans is pressed to produce liquid chocolate, and the process is complete.


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Lời giải Task 2:



It is true that there are conflicting views about the benefits of hosting major international sports events.  While some argue that such events are advantageous for the host nation, I agree with those who believe that they are a waste of money which could be better spent.


On the one hand, advocates of hosting international sports events focus on the stimulus which they give to promoting health and economic prosperity.  Health is promoted through wide public interest in these events, in which new world records may be set, and a fierce competitive spirit is fostered.  Extensive sports coverage on TV fires the imagination of the youth of the host country, all keen to take up sport and emulate their national heroes.  In terms of the economyhospitality and tourism benefit from the influx of sports fans from all over the world.  An event such as the Olympic Games, for example, provides a kind of shop window for the host nation to advertise its attractions for tourists.


On the other hand, I support the argument that too much value is placed on sportFirstly,  such international events are simply an opportunity to make money for hotels, restaurants, and businesses involved in sports merchandising.  The vast majority of local people experience no improvement in their standard of living.  Secondly, if the government of the host nation provides funding for these events, then it must curb public spending on hospitals, schools and a welfare state to help the poor.  For instance, the Brazilian government spent money on building stadiums for the 2014 World Cup, and now it lacks money to deal with the corona virus pandemic.


In conclusion, only a few benefit when a country hosts an international sports event, whereas life simply becomes harder for most of its citizens.


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Vocabulary from sport and exercise:

  • to set a record

Meaning: to achieve the best result ever achieved in a sport

Example:  Real Madrid have set a record for the number of goals scored in a match.

  • to foster a competitive spirit

Meaning: encourage the desire to beat others in a sports event

Example: The problem with encouraging sport at school is that it fosters a competitive spirit among students, instead of teaching children simply to do the best that they can in all aspects of life.

  • sports coverage

Meaning: the activity of reporting news related to sport

Example:  Many top sports stars are now known to millions of people around the world because of global sports coverage by the media.

  • to take up sport

Meaning:  to start doing a sport, to start doing exercise

Example:  Governments should provide sports facilities to encourage more people to take up sport.

  • a sports fan

Meaning:  a person who takes a keen interest in sport

Example: While I think that it is healthy to be a sports fan, people should remember that for most people, sport is just entertainment, not a matter of life and death.

  • to place too much value on sport

Meaning: to regard sport as too important

Example: I would argue that schools place too much value on sport in the curriculum, and participation in sport should be an out-of-school activity.

  • sports merchandising

Meaning: the activity of selling products connected with a sport or sportsperson

Example:  Sports merchandising is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide, in the form of t-shirts and sports equipment.


Vocabulary from government:

  • to provide funding for

Meaning:  to give money to enable something to be done

Example: Providing funding for health care must be a priority of governments.

  • to curb public spending on

Meaning: to restrict what the government spends on something

Example: I would argue that it is preferable to curb public spending on    building new roads rather than to impose spending cuts on education.

  • a welfare state

Meaning: a taxation system which allows governments to provide for the economic and social well-being of its citizens

Example: In order to eradicate poverty, I believe that a welfare state should be established in all developing countries.


Other vocabulary:

  • conflicting [adjective]:

Meaning:  unable to exist together, because they cannot both be true

Example:  We have received conflicting reports on the number of people who died in the earthquake.

  • advantageous [adjective]:

Meaning:  of benefit, or useful in a particular situation

Example:  It is advantageous to travel after the peak hour on public transport – the fares are cheaper.

  • advocate [noun]:

Meaning:  a person who supports or speaks in favour of somebody or some public policy

Example:  Since she entered politics, she has been an advocate for more spending on health services.

  • stimulus [noun]:

            Meaning:  something which helps somebody or something to develop better or      more quickly

            Example:  The recent crisis has provided a stimulus for research into the   development of new vaccines to combat the corona virus.

  • to fire one’s imagination [expression]:

Meaning:  to make somebody feel very interested in something and excited about it

Example:  Her poetry has fired the imagination of many young writers.

  • to emulate [verb]:

Meaning:  to try to copy somebody because you admire them

Example:  His ambition is to emulate his hero, Lionel Messi, and to play football for Barcelona.

  • influx [noun]:

Meaning:  the fact of a lot of money, people or things arriving at a place

Example:  London received a large influx of visitors during the Olympic Games.